Welcome to Nottinghack Talk

This forum is for the Nottingham Hackspace community to communicate with each other.

All teams are able to have a private category here to work together and plan. Simply email software@nottinghack.org.uk if you need one.

If you would like this to act more like a mailing list, then you need to change some settings. In your user preferences, change these:

You get to your user preferences by clicking on your avatar in the top right corner and clicking “Preferences”.

Tick these four boxes for mailing list support. For digest, just tick the top one (although you may want to tick the next two as well).

To email into the forum, you can send messages to talk@nottinghack.org.uk, but remember that these will be public.

All categories have email addresses as well, so if you have permission to post to a category you can use it’s special email address. They take the form:


So the software team email is:


If it is a parent category, simply leave off the subcategory. So to email into teams: